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Oak Hill Park Family Photos

A collection of family photos from original residents of Oak Hill Park.

63 Hanson Rd. 1952 – Provided by Richard Danca on the right.  Baby Gerald in front, Janice to the left.  Marie lived in this home until she passed away in 2017 at the age of 95.

Marie with her Children in 2017 in Original House!


935 Beacon St, Newton Center

This was originally the Webster home.  Webster Court is named after this family as they at one time owned all the land around their house.

From 1955 to 2017 it was owned by the Dr Francis and Ruth Earthrowl who raised 7 children here!


935 Beacon St 2017

935 Beacon St – 2017

935 Beacon St Garage

935 Beacon St Garage – 2017

935 Beacon - Chapin B1895 G 1913

935 Chapin B1895 G1913

1957 Phone

1957 Phone – Earthrowl DE2-6720


934 Beacon St, Newton Center

Not really sure when this house was built. I am working on that.  The town say 1925. But the 1910 Census shows Harriet Camp, a widow (38), living here with her mother-in-law, Rose Camp (73).

Then in 1920 living here with a maid – Christine.  Rose must have passed.

1930 Census shows Walter Washburn, wife Violet, daughters Eleanor and Ruth and a servant Mary McAskill living here.  It seems they were renters

Harriett sold to the Fenn family in 1934.  Thomas LeGare Fenn (50), wife Margaret (48) son Thomas (18), daughter Catherine (14).

The Fenn family sold to the Bruce family in 1958 (B9254 P560).  William Lane Bruce and Katherine Fenn.  So seems Thomas Fenn sold to his daughter and her husband.  Catherine would have been 38 at the time.  The deed actually says they granted them a 1/2 interest in the land.

Strangely, Harriett’s deed to the Fenn family says the property was granted to her by Alice D. Baker a month before she sold to the Fenns in May (B5816 P569).  And says that the plans were drawn up by E.S. Smilie March 18, 1926.  The deed (B581 P571) also says that she was formerly the owner of 942 Beacon, so she may be the one that sold off the land to build 934 Beacon.

The Bruces sold to the Religious Order of the Sacred Heart June 1981 for $215,000. (B14334 P210).  At one time, there were 12 nuns living here and this is when the fire escape was built.  By the time they sold, there were only 4 women left.  A couple of them moved to 860 Beacon, which the order also owns.

The Religious Order of the Sacred Heart sold to Michelle Lane in 2004 for $950,000.  Michelle moved here from 84 Judith Road (with her son Troy Eilertson) which she owned from 1998 to 2004.  This is what 934 Beacon St looked like at the time.

934 Beacon St 2004

934 Beacon St 2004

Back of 934 Beacon - 2004

Back of 934 Beacon – 2004

Arial 934 Beacon - 2004

934 Beacon Arial – 2004

What the house looks like now.

934 Beacon St - 2010

934 Beacon - Aerial -2017

934 Beacon St – Aerial 2017


37 Champa, Newton Upper Falls

37 Champa.JPG

As of 2016 the last owner was Rinaldo Circio.  I’m afriad he may have passed as I his number now has voicemail with a woman’s voice. Rinaldo has been in this house a very long time.

This young lady was living here in 1921 at the time that she graduated High School.

37 Champa - Duvall - B 1903 G 1921


Welcome to the Newton MA History Repository

I live and sell homes in Newton and my hobby is being an amateur Newton historian. I hope you will enjoy the materials I share with you here  I am tagging the photos as best I can so that you can search by Address, Last Name, Date, etc.